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Auto Repair Services

We offer a variety of services to help you get back on
the road and keep your life safer



Our trained technicians can advise you on the best tyres for your vehicle, to give you grip and ultimate confidence whatever the weather



Charlie’s crew have all the knowledge to ensure that your Discs, Caliper and fluids are all maintained, to keep you safe on the road for those unexpected moments

Car Chasis

Wheel Alignment

Our state of the art equipment allows us to ensure that your wheels are perfectly aligned, improving cornering performance and reducing tyre wear.

Service Tools


Charlie’s pit crew are experts at fixing your vehicle, keeping you moving with the confidence that your vehicle is in tip top condition.

MOT Cogs


Testing. Testing. Our experts check all aspects of your vehicle to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and conforms to government regulations.

Air Fan

Air Conditioning

We’ll keep your vehicle cool for those hot, sultry summer days when its shades and sunglasses weather.

Car alloy

Alloy Repairs

For those little mistakes, Charlie and his team are here to help, with a range of smart repairs; you would never even know it was there in the first place.

Car with headlights


We have the bulbs to keep your vehicle shining bright on those dark winter nights and mornings.

Assistance Helpline

Assistance Helpline

Need a hand when something goes wrong? Never fear! We’re here to help! We operate a 24/7 Tyre assist service. Call our Helpline on 034 3504 4401.

Learn About Repair & Maintenance

Charlie gives you the know-how all about car maintenance and service.

Repair Shop


The MOT is an annual check conducted by the Driver and Vehicle Agency to ensure that a vehicle is roadworthy through safety and exhaust emissions tests. The DVA issues a reminder notice seven weeks before the test certificate expires. Cars and Motorcycles must be tested after they are four years old. The Vehicle will be tested for smoke emissions, vehicle acceleration, defects and weaknesses. The Test will examine the Registration plate and its clarity, Power steering, Engine transmission mounts, Brake components, Hydraulic air and vacuum brake systems, Fuel system, Brake and Steering fluids, Structural integrity and overall condition.


The second stage examines Headlights, Indicators, Reflectors, Seat Belts, Seats and adjustment mechanisms, Windscreen and windows, Washer and Wipers, Horn, Mirrors, Hazard Warning lights, Front and rear position lamps, Registration plate lamps, Rear Fog Lamps, Doors, Boot Lid and Bonnet. The vehicle interior such as the Speedometer, Hand Brake and Controls are all tested, followed by the Braking capability. Lastly the underbody of the vehicle is tested.

If the Vehicle has passed successfully, the driver will receive a MOT Certificate. In the event of the vehicle failing the test, the examiner will give a record of the necessary faults which need repaired for the retest.

Repair Shop

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment or tracking is a process to ensure that the wheels are compliant with the Manufacturer’s specification for the optimum position. If a Vehicle doesn’t have its wheels aligned properly, this affects the handling of the vehicle, and can lead to additional wear and also affect the safety of the vehicle. At Charlie Fix My Car we have the latest technology and equipment to conduct a perfect alignment and ensure that the wheels of your vehicle are aligned properly. Our Technicians are trained to look for any signs of toe in/toe out or positive or negative camber and can adjust the alignment so that it matches the spec as outlined by the Manufacturer.

Repair Shop

Air Conditioning

Charlie knows you like to stay cool in the summer for those hot, humid days. But when your vehicle loses its Air Conditioning charge, it becomes less efficient and the air does not circulate as well. Our Staff are trained to recharge the Air Conditioning system and top up the refrigerant level. This keeps the Air icy cold and removes any nasty odours or bacteria which get clogged up in the system. When an Air Conditioning system is working properly it keeps the air cool when you’re driving on those hot summer days and nights, and keeps the air fresh.

Charlie Fix My Car

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